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The Alpine Retreat

Main Level: 3604 sq ft
Finished Lower Level: 2834 sq ft
Total Finished: 6438 Total sq ft
Total: 7208 sq ft


The Knollwood

Main Level: 3,476 sq ft
Finished Lower Level: 2,854 sq ft
Total Finished: 6,918 sq ft
Total: 7,566 sq ft

Frisco Home Plan

The Frisco

Main Level: 2,673 sq ft 

Finished Lower Level: 2,284 sq ft
Total Finished: 4,957 sq ft
Total: 5,346 sq ft

The Keystone

Main Level: 2,310 sq ft
Finished Lower Level: 1,828 sq ft
Total Finished: 4,138 sq ft
Total: 4,620 sq ft

Glennwood Home Plan

The Glenwood

Main Level: 3146 sq ft
Finished Lower Level: 2308 sq ft
Total Fished: 5724 sq ft
Total: 6294 sq ft

The Augusta

Main Level: 3,018 sq ft.
Finished Lower Level: 1,784 sq ft 
Total Finished: 4,802 sq ft
Total: 6,036 sq ft

Pinehaven Rendering

The Pinehaven

Main Level: 2,442 sq ft
Finished Lower Level: 1,504 sq ft
Total Finished: 3,946 sq ft
Total: 4,884

Silverton Rendering

The Silverton

Main Level: 2,502 sq ft
Finished Lower Level: 2,077 sq ft
Total Finished: 4,579 sq ft
Total: 5,004 sq ft

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